1. I am obsessed with List App.
  2. I want to say the words "List App" over and over again.
  3. I think I'm in love with List App. I get a hardcore dopamine hit every time I receive a List App notification.
  4. @molliekatzen is on List App, and followed me, and is no longer solely in my life in cookbook form. Technology, yo.
  5. Ok so maybe I'm not in love with List App, maybe I'm just addicted to it.
  6. I'm so addicted to it I'm reading people's lists while I'm driving.
  7. I'm going to die and kill a bunch of people while driving and obsessively reading lists on List App.
  8. I consider pulling over on the side of the road just so I can read and write lists without the danger of mortally wounding hundreds of innocent drivers and pedestrians.
  9. I don't pull over. I drive. I attempt to focus. I consider that I cannot—should not—be addicted to a new app. Who has the time to write lists?!
  10. I park. I do not get out of the car. I immediately check List App.