1. Write a long letter to my dad, informing him of my plan to start recording him telling his life story: 100% FULFILLED
    My dad is 77 and has lived about a thousand lives. I didn't do this with my mom and regret it deeply. His response: "I love your idea. I think, well...I think I've had a pretty interesting life." 🌌🌎🌟
  2. Chocolate peanut butter pancakes: 100% FULFILLED
    Started as an urge for pancakes, then I saw cocoa powder in the cabinet and pulled that down, then DUH I had to eat them with peanut butter. And maple syrup. On the bright side, they were totes packed with omega-3s because I made fresh hemp milk when I realized I didn't have any other milk for the batter.
  3. Carry a leafy branch down the street and into Whole Foods: 0% FULFILLED
    It looked so lush and green and shady and lovely on my walk to the grocery store. I wanted to use it like a parasol. Didn't happen, though I wonder what would've happened if it had.
  4. Go nuts trying every fruit on sample at WF: 68% FULFILLED
    Peaches and nectarines and figs and I thought I was gonna go on a fucking spree but then I got germophobic.
  5. Make a list about my deep admiration of @tavi, and how dope she was on Michael Ian Black's podcast, particularly because her burping was a legitimate part of the dialogue: 10% FULFILLED
    ...in that I'm mentioning her here. Tavi just makes me feel like the world is gonna be ok. And I desperately wish Rookie had been around when I was a teen.
  6. Listen to Frank Sinatra: 100% FULFILLED
    I've Got You Under My Skin and Fly Me To The Moon and The Way You Look Tonight and All The Way and I floated around my apartment like Ginger Rogers (JK I was wearing workout clothes and sweating like a dog over the oven BUT STILL).
  7. Make two lists on ListApp: 100% FULFILLED
    Two whole lists! Jk I want to make multiple lists every day, not unusual at all. 💘🔮😎