For many kinds of love.
  1. Stay on the phone with them while they attempt to parallel park into a very tiny spot, no matter how long it takes, just silently being there
  2. Get up before them and go find their favorite breakfast thing and bring it back while they're still asleep
  3. Send them mail that says "I love you, that's all" for no reason
  4. Make food into the shape of a heart for them
  5. Play them their favorite song without their asking, even if it's been played 10,000x in the past month
  6. Ask "how are you?", but actually mean it
  7. Write their name on many surfaces, sometimes your body
  8. Write spontaneous, rhyming Dr. Seussian poetry for them (and don't give it to them if it's creepy)
  9. Pick up the phone when they call after large dogs running full speed down Runyon Canyon slam into them and they don't know what to do
  10. Come over when their house has been burglarized and talk to the police for them
  11. Make them a homeopathic get-well kit with a laminated guide that will last forever
  12. Tell them the thing they don't want to hear
  13. Call them "my love", but actually mean it
  14. Read them to sleep
  15. Breathe with them
  16. Listen