Thank you @ChrisK, adore this. I grew up eating off the land where I lived: Every morning meant running outside to discover some new herb or flower or fruit. It's unnatural to me to have zero edible connection to the place I call home, even in a city. So I started paying attention.
  1. Urban foraging is, first, a mindset:
  2. I commit to noticing what's growing around me, and what, of that, is edible.
  3. In urban and suburban locales, that's most often:
  4. Herbs (most commonly rosemary, sage, oregano).
  5. Flowers (most commonly roses, lavender, jasmine, citrus blossoms).
  6. Fruits (in LA: loquats, figs, citrus of all kinds).
  7. Fringe items (miner's lettuce, lamb's ears, comfrey, calendula, apples, pomegranates).
  8. Forage intelligently: Be aware that much of what you see may be a) on private property, unless you are in a street or park area, or b) sprayed with pesticides.
  9. Forage responsibly: Consider how the item foraged fits into the ecosystem of the place where it's picked. In LA, a virtual desert, what is required to grow roses, figs, rosemary?
  10. The foraging mindset keeps me close to the pulse of the earth beneath the concrete. Which, most days, is really all I want.