I went to a chiropractor today for the first time in two and a half years, guided by a friend's recommendation. I got way more than I bargained for, and wanted to share since I know a few of you like these healer-y lists (@sophia @AlexandraLouise @brookielyons @sally @SophiaE @Suzanne et al.).
  1. I wake up with crippling neck pain and nausea.
    I can't move without feeling like I'm gonna vomit. I know the drill—my atlas/occiput is out of whack, tweaking my everything. Happens about twice a month, byproduct of a hypermobile spine.
  2. For the second time in the past three months, I try to make an appointment to see a chiropractor. This time it works.
    I'm going in at 2pm. I can already taste the relief. I drink a little water, but still can't eat.
  3. 2pm. I meet Dr. Bosten, a fifty-or sixty-something bleached blonde Orange County mama who looks like she knows exactly what's up.
    A little too much eyeshadow. No bullshit. I like.
  4. Within 5 minutes, she informs me my clavicle bones are completely uneven; then she shows me exactly how so.
    I see how my left and right side musculature is totally tweaked, and yanking in various uneven ways on my neck muscles. Aha.
  5. She puts her hands on my back and that's when I feel it: She's psychic.
    I can just feel it. I know completely, in that moment, that she is also an energy worker. I grew up steeped in this stuff, and I've done it myself. And because of that, I'm HIGHLY wary of it. I knew immediately that Dr. Bosten was a good witch, though. She was clear, unobscured by her own shit.
  6. After an hour of intake and examination and electrocurrent and heat and ultrasound therapy, Dr. Bosten starts giving me some intense bodywork.
    It's highly effective.
  7. She tells me I am a giver: I give and give and give. ("Yup," I say.) Then she says she wants to do some release work in my jaw. She says it will be painful and emotional.
    And to breathe. I've done this before. I let waves of pain move through my jaw and her hand as she works on my jaw muscles from both outside and inside my mouth. I feel tissue starting to release and my breath going deeper into my belly.
  8. She starts talking about the ways I armor myself, and how tightly I do so, and how much effort that takes. I don't remember if she's still working on my jaw or adjusting my neck now but she taps lightly on my heart and tears start streaming down my cheeks.
    My body has been so locked up. Part of me wants to tell her about all the loss and grief, but it's irrelevant, and she knows that, and that's what makes her so good. She doesn't care about the story, she cares about me being free from it.
  9. And then, this woman who was so no bullshit, so straight forward, is suddenly putting her forehead to mine and holding me together as my body releases tension after tension.
    Normally I would despise this. I want no one in my physical/psychospiritual space who has not been mega-cleared to be there. But Dr. Bosten, who I met just an hour ago, all up in my grill? No problem.
  10. And just as suddenly, she is all gentle but straight forward chiropractic business again, and all that intense emotional releasing that happened is a storm riding off on the horizon.
    She says I should come back two more times. She tells me to treat my neck with heat and ice packs every day.
  11. And then she's gone.
    No muss. No fuss. Just straight up healering in Culver City, California. ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️