My dad and his girlf and I did some foraging this morning in Sacramento, his hometown.
  1. Wild radishes
    Super spicy, yummy blossoms
  2. Wild peas
    So tender!
  3. Wild fennel
    Huge fronds, as tall as us
  4. Wild roses
    The most exquisite, delicate fragrance
  5. Wild sage
    A varietal I've never seen, but my dad insisted; he was right
  6. Wild blackberries
    Not ripe yet
  7. Wild cleavers
    They stick to you; good for the kidneys
  8. Wild elderflower
    But no berries
  9. Wild grapes growing in a walnut tree
    My dad's girlf brilliantly remarked, "It's an hors d'oeuvres tree!"
  10. Wild mustard
    Gorgeous little yellow blossoms
  11. Wild Canadian geese and mallards and egrets and swallows and blue jays
    And retrievers (not wild), learning to bird!