Who are you on social media (sm)? Ask yourself these important questions before you begin:
  1. Do I want love or do I want jealousy?
    This is the primal decision from which all other decisions arise.
  2. Am I a liker or a lurker?
  3. Do I like-like posts or hate-like posts?
    Let's be real. Hate-liking coined by @mollyyeh.
  4. Am I sm-stingy or sm-generous?
    How often do you like? Are you also a snotty dum dum in your day to day life?
  5. Am I acronym savvy or acronym averse?
    Idk, idgaf, smh, rn, af, 😎.
  6. Am I a gif-person or not a gif-person?
  7. Am I a hashtagger or an anti-hashtagger?
    #Well, #are #you?
  8. To emoji or not to emoji?
    🍉🙊✔️🚫👯💔🌁 TRANSLATION: IF YOU DO NOT EMOJI WE ARE NOT FRIENDS. I mean, sure, don't emoji. Have fun.
  9. Am I my real self or am I someone else?
    🔮🔮🔮 FIGURE IT OUT 🔮🔮🔮