Nursing school will be challenging, it will change the way you view life. It is not only about lectures and tests. Nursing school is truly a journey and it is how you go about it that will make it a positive or negative experience. Here is a list that I have found helpful during my journey through nursing school. I hope you find it helpful as well
  1. Tissues
    You will cry, is part of the journey. So cry your heart out but, don't give up!! We all go through it and though it may not get easier you will adjust to the stress and you will conquer!!
  2. Friendships
    If you don't already have some going in with you, that's ok. You will make some amazing friends in nursing school. Is a different type of friendship. It develops out of the need to survive and cope and they will last a lifetime.
  3. Patience
    You will need it! There are a lot of hoops to jump through in nursing school. There will be things expected from you that make no sense and you will have no explanation given to you making it that much harder and stressful. However, if nursing is what's in your heart, you will be patient and pull through.
  4. Perseverance
    Without it, you won't make it! Nursing school is a different type of learning and testing. You will be knocked down at times, don't fret, get up and get going and always do your best. Your best will pull you through.
  5. Positive attitude
    You will be stressed to the max, you will cry, you will want to quit. You'll find yourself just wishing it to be over!!! Vent if you must but, don't lose sight of your goal and the reasons why you chose to be a nurse. Being negative will only hurt you and take away from the amazing journey that becoming a nurse is.