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17 weeks along and I'm an emotional rock
  1. Saw a picture of a cute hedgehog
  2. Husband suggested we watch Mad Men faster
  3. Someone on Mad Men said something funny about diarrhea
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Solo or in groups, day or night, this is my #2 favorite thing in the world
  1. Atlantic Ocean
    Boston and Maine areas
  2. Pacific Ocean
    Oregon coast
  3. Mediterranean Sea
    South of France
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Years before I met my husband, I was dating a boy (intentional use of "boy") who said the following to me, and, for the first time ever in my dating history, an exit sign immediately appeared for our relationship.
  1. Following some 2 minute train of thought from me: "You, like, think your thoughts...HARD. Like, I have a thought and I'll notice it and then stop. But you, like, keep going."
    (Oh, bless you wherever you are, child.)
I'm white. And I taught in urban Boston-area schools for two years during which time I was very cautious about what I revealed to my teenage students. One day, a group of all minority students tried to guess my race.
  1. Black
  2. Italian
    True, but...
  3. Not-white
    (I sincerely think they didn't consider I was white because they found white people unapproachable in the rest of their lives, but they (kinda) liked me.)
  4. Tan
    My favorite one.
  1. Bellatrix Lestrange
  2. Because
  3. Helena
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  1. You pregnant? You pregnant, miss?
    Even after I explained that made me feel self-conscious. My female students explained they just REALLY wanted me to have a baby.
  2. (Follow-up I received 50% of the time: You sure??? *knowing look*)
    I don't miss much about teaching (such a hard job!), but these cute+ridiculous interactions with my students make me a bit nostalgic.
Her name is Lily (full name Lily James #harrypotter) and they have a rough relationship
  1. Lils or Lilith
    Harmless. It gets worse quickly.
  2. Lily face
    She does have a face...
  3. Stinkybutt
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...and use rather often
  1. Whif
    When+If: allows streamlining of conversations about conditionals
  2. Frice
    Four times (much more fun to say than thrice)
  3. Freezpass
    Free EzPass (electronic toll payment method in the Northeast) (also a joke that made me laugh for a solid year)
  4. Nawkward
    "Not awkward" - Apparently (according to my husband), the only way to make the word awkward more awkward is by adding an N.
(This list is just for me. I can never remember when I'm at the store)
  1. Ginger
  2. Savory
  3. Marjoram
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No, I am not pregnant. But we have frequent discussions/debates about names for future children. We are for sure going to have weird kids.
  1. Iris
  2. Otto
  3. Remus
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