That shit I don't like!

This is some shit I don't like! Lol
  1. Fuckers who don't use their blinkers
  2. Hulu's menu on the app.
    Come on! Put my damned queue first
  3. People that drive with their running lights on
    If it's "safer" put all your fucking lights on duh! Asshats
  4. Windshield wipers on and headlights off
    It's a law. Turn the lights on ya fucks
  5. The smell of weed.
  6. Old dudes and their wieners out in the gym locker rooms
    Come on bruh
  7. Old dudes and grossly creeping on women at the gym
    Come on bruh
  8. Young dudes and not hold open doors for people. Wtf
    Come on bruh
  9. Prius drivers.
    Pretentious fuckers