5 great places to eat in Copenhagen

  1. Sporvejen
    If you ever wanted to eat a great hamburger while experiencing the atmosphere of an old tram, then Sporvejen is right for you! :-) It's the first place I Ever exclaimed a genuine 'Mmmm' after taking a bite of food and I would rate it at 8/10. Prices are reasonable and the service is polite.
  2. Oscar Bar & Café
    Try the dish of the day instead of a la carte. The food is standard café quality - club sandwich, nachos and so on - but they do have some above average burgers and they also serve open sandwiches. Besides being a café it's also a classy, hip bar where you can buy everything from organic microbrew to Dom Perignon. Located right next to Cityhall, I rate this place at 8/10 - 7/10 if you only look at the food.
  3. DØP - The Organic Sausage Vendor
    Have you ever had an organic tofudog? Or maybe you'd just like to try the classic Danish 'French Hotdog' in an organic version? If you're feeling peckish this vendor is worth a try. 7/10 - but a high 7 :-)
  4. La Galette
    The pancake restaurant where all the dishes are pancakes - duh - topped with everything from ham and egg to salmon and salad. Reasonably priced. Not a fancy restaurant, but the food gets the job done and they will even burn a crepe for you if that's what you like. 8/10 for being different and delicious.
  5. The Living Room
    After all that food you need a healthy dessert. Organic chokolate chip cookies, milkshakes, smoothies or juice - as well as organic sandwiches, beer, drinks and whatnot. Sit outside on a bench in the sun and enjoy an icy drink. Or have a cup of delicious coffee in the cosy basement inside. This place is beginning to grow on me. 8/10 - though a bit pricy.