7 computer games I played as a kid

I've probably been playing computer games since I was about 4 - back in 1989. I remember we had a Commodore64 at home and later on an Amiga600. The games I played on these devices are the games of my childhood, and will be listed here in no particular order.
  1. Donald Duck's Playground
    Commodore64 1984; Donald has to earn money to build a playground for his nephews. You can choose a job as bagage sorter, fruit sorter and stuff like that. The money you make can be spent in shops that sell playground equipment. I thoroughly enjoyed this game as a kid. It was probably one of my favourites.
  2. Agent USA
    Commodore64 1984; In this game a fuzzbomb is infecting people all across USA. You're the agent who has to stop the spread of the disease, essentially by generating 100 diamonds and walking into the fuzzbomb. The trick is that the fuzzbomb changes its location all the time so you have to travel by train between cities in the USA to find it. I later realised that this was an educational game teaching you the names of cities and capitals in the US.
  3. Wings of Fury
    Commodore64 1987; What I remember the most from this game is the screams of the islanders that you have to bomb from the air. Interesting that I was allowed to play this game as a child, but hey, what can you do? The easy part was taking off from the hangar ship. The hard part was landing again after killing the islanders. I always just crashed the plane and had to start over. Always.
  4. Prince of Persia
    Commodore64, 1989?; This was one of those games that I played, but secretely hated. I never got past the first level because it was simply too difficult. But at least I gave it a try - several in fact. But let's be honest, it was a pretty boring game IMHO.
  5. Chuck Rock
    Amiga 1991; Chuck Rock's woman has been stolen from him, and he has to go on a quest to get her back. Using his stoneage beer belly or lethal karate kicks he clears away dinosaurs and other weird animals - though they shouldn't be alive at the same time. It's loads of fun and I would definitely play it again today if I had the chance.
  6. Rick Dangerous
    Amiga 1991; A game that really leans itself against the popular Indiana Jones franchise. The game begins with Rick escaping a falling boulder. Remember that scene from Raiders? He later travels to Egypt as well as a nazi fortress, before rescuing London from deadly missiles. All with the help of a gun and some dynamite.
  7. P. P. Hammer
    Amiga 1991; To this day I never finished the game. I have no idea what the deeper meaning of the game was, and I don't know how many levels I was missing. But I do know one thing. Possibly one of the most entertaining games for Amiga ever. P. P. Hammer has to locate burried treasure with the use of his pneumatic tool while at the same time avoiding traps and deadly Egyptians. So much fun.