7 Movies that made me fall asleep

Some were in theaters others on blu-ray
  1. The Usual Suspect
    I think I dosed off during a long, boring conversation at a police station?
  2. Pulp Fiction
    Saw until the guy talked about a watch he hid in his ass. Then slept through the rest.
  3. The Lord of the Rings - Fellowship
    Though I've since watched it many many times and have grown to love it, I did fall asleep in the theater the first time i saw it. Right around the council in Rivendell. "One does not simply walk into Mordor..." *yaaawn*
  4. The Insider
    To this day I've only ever watched the first 10 minutes. I don't know why it has that effect on me. On the plus side I save a fortune on sleeping pills.
  5. Avatar
    Not the one with the airbender but the one with the blue aliens. I sort of dosed off in the middle of it. Then a giant tree was knocked over and the rest was a bit confusing.
  6. The Matrix 2
    I brushed in and out. I really couldn't tell whether this movie is brilliant or just shit. Something about a guy with keys and magic doors. And then the credits began.
  7. Out of Africa
    "I had a faaarm in..." Zzzz...! "You have syphilis", "But how?" Zzzz...! "Robert Redford is dead" Zzzz...! End credits.