All 8 Phones I've ever owned

I got my first phone back im 2002 when I was 16 years old. I was never the type who went out and bought the new model as soon as it came out which is why, so far, I've only had eight.
  1. Nokia 8310
    2002-2003: This phone was so small I could easily fit it in my regularly sized mouth. It had the ability to combine up to three text messages in a bundle so in stead of only 180 characters, you could write 540! It also came with Snake 2 if my memory serves me right. I have so many fond memories of that phone to this day.
  2. Nokia 3100
    2003-2005: Cool design, easy to handle. A little bigger than the 8310 but still small enough to not look like a boner in you pocket.
  3. Nokia 6101
    2005-2006: This was a weird period in my life where I had a folding phone. Two screens - one on the front front, and one inside. It took pictures, which was a first for me, but they were really really bad quality. I don't know.. The antenna eventually broke so I had to get a new phone.
  4. Nokia 6300
    2006-2009: Great, simple, nice size, camera, AND it could actually go online and show some grainy news through a built-in browser. I hadn't had a phone I liked as much since the 3100.
  5. HTC Wildfire
    2009-2011: My first smartphone. Small. That's the word I'd use to describe it. It had apps. Facebook and Wordfeud I believe. It didn't support Instagram, though. It wasn't a bad phone... It just wasn't a good one either.
  6. Google Galaxy Nexus
    2011-2013: I was a bit put off by the size of the phone at first. I was used to the smaller models that fit in my pocket. This was definitely bigger. But it also had access to more apps and it took pictures that were so much better than the Wildfire. I quickly started taking pictures of everything... Myself included. I even took pictures of my food; can you believe that? :-D
  7. Samsung Galaxy S4
    2013-2016: This was when consumerism hit me. I didn't really need this phone, I just really wanted it because it sounded cool. Once more the screen got bigger. The picture quality was knocked up a notch. But other than that there's really not that much I have to say about it. It was just an okay phone.
  8. Samsung Galaxy S7
    2016- : My current phone. I got it two weeks ago and though it really doesn't do that much more than the S4, I really think it's going to be my favorite phone since the 6300. The camera is awesome, it's waterproof, it has so many small settings I can tweak so I can micromanage the entire phone. I like that I can easily unlock it with my fingerprints and that it supports a lot of additional memory. Why they chose to make this phone from the most slippery material known to mankind, is beyond me.