Copenhagen then and now

A series of collages showing how the Danish capital has changed through more than 100 years.
  1. From Scala to Axel Towers
    The first Scala was build in the late 1800s and was a place for the society people to hang out. It was torn down in 1957 to make way for the new Scala - a shopping mall. This was turned into a café, restaurant and night club in 1989 but ultimately torn down in 2010 by the new owners. Today the Axel Towers are almost finished and they will be housed by lawyers offices as well as cafés at ground level.
  2. Three Christiansborgs
    The first Christiansborg housed the royal family back in the days of Struensee and the mad King Christian VII - The 1700s. It burned in 1794. A second Christiansborg was built to house the royal family but it burned down as well in 1884. I included the ruins in the collage. They stood for more than 25 years before eventually it was decided to build a third Christiansborg to house the parliament. It was completed in 1928 and could catch fire any moment.
  3. The Cityhall
    Finished in 1905 it was the tallest building in Denmark. I couldn't find a picture from before work was begun, but at least here it is without the iconic tower. Before it was build the western gates of the city lay here as well as the local market place.
  4. Tivoli, Hard Rock, and Tivoli
    Originaly the Tivoli main entrance building stretched much further than today. But for some reason it was demolished and Hard Rock Café moved in. Today the corner is a building site (se my other list, Copenhagen today) but the future building will be run by Tivoli and will be made of glass as you can see in the architect's animation.
  5. The Central Station
    The first central station in Copenhagen was built a little down the street from the current. This picture is from 1864. But in the late 1800s train traffick was so abundant that a new and bigger station was required. It was finished in 1908 and is still very much in use as all train lines pass by here. It's located right next to Tivoli which is great if that's why you're in Copenhagen. :-)