1. The one with the aliens
  2. The one where Scully isn't there when the thing happens
  3. The one where Scully is super skeptical about the thing that happened that she wasn't there for
  4. The one where the cigarette smoking man smokes a cigarette
  5. The one where they try and stop Mulder from learning the truth
  6. The one where they're super-coy about what the truth is
  7. The one where Mulder or Scully are misunderstood
  8. The one where there's unresolved sexual tension between Mulder and Scully
  9. The one with Mulder in a red speedo.
    Suggested by   @drmom
  10. The one where Mulder stops hiding the truth under his shirt by the fire.
    Suggested by   @chanellejuliana
  11. The one where Mulder and Scully wear trench coats.
    Suggested by   @drmom
  12. The one where Scully has gorgeous lips.
    Suggested by   @drmom
  13. The one where Mulder and Scully run through dark places with flashlights.
    Suggested by   @drmom