Many many Prince albums have horrible to passable cover art. A few are great.
  1. Tier 4: The Truly Bad
    Aka the Steve Parke category
  2. 20ten
  3. Musicology
  4. Emancipation
  5. The Vault: Old Friends 4 Sale
  6. Rave un2 the Joy Fantastic
  7. Planet Earth
  8. MPLSound
  9. Tier 3: The Bad
    Aka these don't exactly hurt my eyes but they aren't helping matters category.
  10. Lotusflow3r
    Not a lot separating this one and the one above. But just enough.
  11. Crystal Ball
  12. Chaos and Disorder
  13. Come
  14. The Rainbow Children
  15. PlectrumElectrum
  16. For You
    I know. It was the 70s
  17. Diamonds and Pearls
  18. Tier 2: The Pretty Good!
    Aka the Warner brothers was paying for art direction category
  19. The Gold Experience
  20. Batman
    It's hard to mess up the batman symbol.
  21. Prince
    Again, the 70s.
  22. Graffiti Bridge
  23. Art Official Age
  24. HitnRun Phase 1
  25. HitnRun Phase 2
    These three represent something of a late career album art renaissance- tasteful and elegant.
  26. 3121
  27. Controversy
    One of the weaker of the classic period but look at that handsome devil.
  28. Love Symbol
  29. Tier 1: The Perfect
  30. Parade
  31. The Black Album
  32. Sign 'O' the Times
  33. Around the World in a Day
  34. Purple Rain
  35. Dirty Mind
  36. Lovesexy
  37. 1999