1. If c3p0 speaks 6 million dialects or whatever, and he's a robot, how come he always seems to be stumbling over his words when translating or speaking anything besides English?
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  2. 6 million dialects? Really?
  3. How can you be digested in the belly of a whatever it is for 1000 years? Does he feed you and give you water occasionally before resuming the digesting?
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  4. Why will Luke only be a Jedi if he confronts Vader? You gotta kill your evil dad before you can be a true Jedi? That seems a little harsh.
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  5. So the Ewoks are super primitive and they think C3P0 is a god but when he's like "don't eat my friends or you'll be sorry" they're all, "nah - we don't believe you, God. Prove it."
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  6. Why is Han such a little baby when he thinks Luke and Leia are an item? Come on, dude - you're a grown up.
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  7. Other stuff?