I always have a song in my head in the morning. Frequently ones where I have no idea how they got there.
  1. August 19: Donnie trumpet and the social experiment - "Sunday Candy"
  2. August 18: Donnie trumpet and the social experiment - "Sunday Candy"
  3. August 17: Beyoncé - "Sorry"
  4. August 16: Chance the Rapper - "Finish Line"
  5. August 11: Chance the Rapper - "Finish Line"
  6. August 10: Weaves - "Candy"
  7. August 9: Chance the Rapper - "Juke Jam"
  8. August 8: Weaves - "Tick"
    I really like this Weaves album.
  9. August 7: Weaves - "Eagle"
  10. August 6: Weaves - "Stress"
  11. August 5: Chance the Rapper - "Finish line/Drown"
  12. August 3: The Twilight Singers: "Annie May"
    To be fair, I think this is because I was thinking about a friend who has a daughter she calls "Maddie May" and that triggered this.
  13. July 30: Sammy Davis, Jr - "The Candy Man"
    We saw Willy Wonka on Thursday while at the beach in New Smyrna...
  14. July 29: Anderson .Paak - "Silicon Valley"
  15. July 28: Anderson .Paak - "The Season/Carry Me"
  16. July 26: twenty one pilots – "The Judge"
  17. July 25: Queen – "Bohemian Rhapsody"
  18. July 22: The Sweep – "Calvin's Club"
    I've listened to this record probably five times in the last two days
  19. July 20: Anderson .Paak - "The Bird"
  20. July 19: Anderson .Paak - "Put Me Thru"
  21. July 18: Anderson .Paak - "Come Down"
  22. July 17: Anderson .Paak - "The Bird"
  23. July 14: Titus Andronicus - "Fired Up"
  24. July 13: Some tune my brain came up with
    Happens sometimes - it will loop and morph and relentlessly run through my head. Every once in a while, I can turn it into an actual song.
  25. July 11 - Queen: "Fat Bottomed Girls"
    I don't know... We dropped my son off at a week-long camp yesterday and we listened to Queen on the way because he wanted to hear Queen and I miss him and am worried about him, and this is the song that stuck.
  26. July 10: Van Morrison - "Tupelo Honey"
    Turns out if you listen to a song 10 times in a day, it'll be in your head the next day.
  27. July 9: Drake - "Started from the Bottom"
    I mean... I think? I know there's a song called this but I had to look up the artist and there's no tune in my head - just the first and second line of the chorus, and I don't know when I would have heard it or why it's there. Brains are weird.
  28. July 7: Hallelujah the Hills - "A Domestic Zone"
    Listened to this record two days ago
  29. July 6: Chance the Rapper - "Finish Line"
  30. July 5: The Dodos - "All Night"
  31. July 4: The Dodos - "Going Under"
    Listened to this record two days ago, while playing monopoly with my kids
  32. July 3: The Cure - "Sirensong"
  33. July 2: The Cure - "The Hungry Ghost"
  34. July 1: The Cure - "The Reasons Why"
    Also kind of sharing time with "Sirensong" and "Freakshow," from the same record.
  35. June 30: The Cure - "The Real Snow White"
    Thing I discovered by re-examining late-period Cure albums: 4:13 dream is pretty great!
  36. June 29: The Cure - "Bloodflowers"
  37. June 28: The Cure - "The Walk"
  38. June 27: The Cure - "From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea"
    Cure concert last night, this was the last song we watched.
  39. June 25: Anderson .Paak - "Silicon Valley"
  40. June 24: Chance the Rapper - "All Night"
  41. June 23: Chance the Rapper - "Same Drugs"
  42. June 22: Anderson .Paak - "Silicon Valley"
  43. June 21: Queen - "Radio Gaga"
    This one is weird. My only recent connection is that yesterday my 11yo, who loves Queen, told me he doesn't really like this song (but we didn't listen to it).
  44. June 20: Anderson .Paak - "Come Down"
  45. June 19: Anderson .Paak - "Come Down"
  46. June 18: Anderson .Paak - "Come Down"
  47. June 17: The Rolling Stones - "Sympathy for the Devil"
  48. June 16: Car Seat Headrest - "Cosmic Hero"
  49. June 15: Prince - "International Lover"
  50. June 14: Van Morrison - "Jackie Wilson Said (I'm in Heaven When You Smile)"
  51. June 12: Kool and the Gang - "Celebration"
    I was at Universal yesterday and I guess the odds are pretty good I heard this song? Maybe?
  52. June 11: Zayn - "PILLOWTALK" / The Time - "Chocolate"
    I don't dislike it, but I have listened to 3/4 of that Zayn song exactly once, two days ago.
  53. June 10: Chance the Rapper - "Mixtape"
    Also I had a dream in which I was listening to and liking Taylor Swift's 1989, and what I actually had in my head first was a Taylor Swift "song," but being (mostly) unfamiliar with that album, I have no idea if it a real song or something invented to serve the dream.
  54. June 9: Car Seat Headrest - "The Ballad of the Costa Concordia"
  55. June 8: Kanye West - "Ultralight Beam"
  56. June 7: Kanye West - "Ultralight Beam"
  57. June 5: Car Seat Headrest - "The Ballad of the Costa Concordia"
  58. June 4 (the second time): Kanye West - "Ultralight Beam"
    Listened to it in the car on the way home from the airport
  59. June 4 (the first time, when I drove my parents to the airport at 3:30): some Car Seat Headrest song but I couldn't figure out which one
  60. June 3: Queen - "We Are The Champions"
    My 11yo has decided he likes queen
  61. June 2: Car Seat Headrest - "Drunk Drivers / Killer Whales"
  62. June 1: Car Seat Headrest - "1937 Skate Park"
  63. May 30: Car Seat Headrest - "Cosmic Hero"
    For what it's worth, I did not listen to car seat headrest yesterday or the day before
  64. May 28: Car Seat Headrest - "Destroyed by Hippie Powers"
  65. May 27: Kanye West - "Famous"