1. Drinking PBRs at your 30th
  2. Buying Rock Action for our boss
  3. People mistaking me for you at shows
  4. Me momentarily wondering how I was walking across the parking lot while also inhabiting my body
  5. That story about your contact lenses
  6. Your creamsicle Bucs jersey
  7. Running into you at the Hold Steady show
  8. And the Mountain Goats show
  9. Driving to Atlanta to see the Mountain Goats and driving back the same day, more tired then I've ever been in my life
  10. I'm really glad we did that
  11. Watching you play rock music
  12. Watching you tell jokes
  13. The first time I met you, at Full Sail in a meeting about Spindle
  14. Your love for the meatloaf at the Ale House
  15. Your love for 90s emo
  16. And Huey Lewis
  17. Lots of lunches
  18. Last week at Soraya's wedding
  19. So many more. But.
  20. I hope you're somewhere great. And I hope there's beer.
  21. ❤️
  22. The Halloween where you wore each other's shirts and ID badges and went as each other for the day.
    Suggested by @drmom