Vala is my new found friend and we seem to have many common enemies
  1. Diana Eggshell
    A shitty manager from a shitty company that promised Vala a summer internship but completely ignored him and ruined all his summer plans. Regardless, Vala would still work for her.
  2. Fly fucking Dubai
    Well, it's not enough that their flight services seem to be one of the worst and least comfortable, but they owe me 800 dirhams. Still, let's face it that we will probably buy more cheap tickets from them.
  3. Poverty
    We're fucking broke -btw.
  4. Flies.
    Black flies. Black.
  5. People who sit/stand in front of us in Pakistani weddings.
    Just Pakistani weddings. You know who you are.
  6. Physics.
    Because May Fucking Baho.
  7. People who accept food when we offer it to them.
    But we love people who offer us food ☺️
  8. People who would not take seats during commencement.