Nothing but a way to track where I've been. Wanna chime in? Let me know where I need to visit...
  1. Indonesia
    Funnily enough given I'm a die hard surfer, this place wasn't the first joint I ventured overseas too. First time I went I ended up at Nias for a contest and we scored 6-8ft waves. Some of the most perfect surf I've ever had. Indo is a marvellous place for waves.
  2. South Africa
    This was the first place I ever went overseas for. Back when I was twenty. Flew from Brisbane to Sydney to Perth to Johannesberg to Port Elizabeth. Then drove to JBay, which of course is awesome and if u surf u should bucket list the joint. Ended driving from JBay to Capetown - a marvellous drive.
  3. America
    This joint, shoots, I think I've been to probably 25 times in the last 18 years. Kinda wild when I think about it. America is like an adults amusement park. There's so many different rides you can take, most are pretty rad. Some stink. All depends on how you plot your course
  4. Canada
    You don't go to America and then not jump north for a second and miss that all too valued passport stamp. Do you? First time I flew from SFO to Seattle to Vancouver to Calgary. And then drove to Red Deer. Long story.
  5. Mexico
    Sayulita. Salina De Cruz. Baja.