1 Year In The US - All My Mini-Achievements

It's the little things that make the biggest difference...
  1. Got to the point where I can order my morning coffee without saying anything other than "hi, thanks!" (Manners are important)
    Here's to being a regular.
  2. Got to an 80% success rate of people understanding what I'm saying when I ask for "water"
    Nope, didn't just say "bora bora"
  3. Made it to Gold status on American Airlines. No more zone 3 boarding for me!
    Still pleb status on everything else. Le sigh.
  4. Started to understand NFL... Lolz not really.
    Did win the office fantasy football comp though!
  5. Haven't been hit by a car after looking the wrong way when crossing the road.
    It's left, right, left. Left, right, left.