This started as a simple list, but as I went through my pictures it made me appreciate the year I've had and how lucky I am. In reverse chronological order, my happy pictures from 2015.
  1. Mau and Mike. They don't like each other but sometimes they cuddle.
  2. IKEA lunch. Mmmmm Swedish meatballs.
  3. Our annual fall cattail battle 2015. So much magic in those tiny seeds.
  4. My family + extendeds on my Grandma's birthday. Its getting hard as her dementia gets worse, so it's important we spend as much time as we can with her. 96!
  5. My inkling! We worked so hard on that costume. It turned out pretty well, even if nobody knew what an inkling was!
  6. A picture of Muskoka from the sky, taken by Max. He has a great eye. Future photographer maybe?
  7. Peameal bacon on a bun with cranberry chutney! I wait all year for that.
  8. On the Ferris wheel at the Bracebridge fall fair. It was colder than it looks! But the view!
  9. Writing retreat! What a wonderful experience. Need to channel those days this winter.
  10. Rye after a swim. No doubt after shaking all over me, and my book, and my towel, and my phone.
  11. At the beach! We discovered the best time to go was after dinner. Nobody was there! Then ice cream on the way home.
  12. The maiden voyage of Max's kayak. He can really make that thing move!
  13. Muskoka Lakes awards ceremony. Mike refused to take a nice picture, of course.
  14. My lovely husband getting ready to... Break into song with a tiny umbrella? More like hide from the camera.
  15. That water was soooooo cold but the air was so warm, he insisted on playing at the beach after a bike ride. What a kid.
  16. In the drivers seat of the fire truck just like Mike. Just look at that smile.
  17. Playing with Lego on the deck, enjoying the spring sun. Felt so good after such a long winter.
  18. Soccer action shot! Look at those mad skills!
  19. Max with his pet dragon. We have one of those. See? Photographic evidence.
  20. Max rock climbing. I was so impressed with how high he went!