PA students are the best hypochondriacs and the worst patients.
  1. Lupus
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    With a huge range of symptoms affecting nearly every body system, lupus is always on the differential. Even my non-medical boyfriend has caught on!
  2. Myocardial infarction (aka heart attack)
    Turns out it was chest pain due to anxiety and stress.
  3. Brain aneurysm (ruptured)
    "Well it was the worst headache of my life!" (pro tip: if it actually was a ruptured aneurysm, you wouldn't be able to talk about it)
  4. Stomach ulcer
    For the record, my doctor agreed with me on this one.
  5. Vertebral artery dissection
    because I cracked my neck and it felt weirder than usual
  6. Transient Ischemic Attack aka TIA aka mini-stroke
    Sudden onset visual changes..turns out it was my first migraine.
  7. Patellar-Femoral Syndrome
    Exercising regularly was painful at first.
  8. Other PA/MD/nursing students..what have you irrationally diagnosed yourselves with?
    Don't pretend you haven't!