Today I found two lighters on the ground and thought it was strange. I googled "meaning behind finding 2 lighters". Apparently the meaning behind it, was that I was supposed to have a good day, said someone from Reddit.
  1. That night I'm lying in bed with my dog Hershey, and smell something burning.
  2. I look over to find my travel pillow that is hanging off my lamp and and see that it has burned into my lightbulb.
  3. I start to freak out, cause no one is there and take the travel pillow off the lightbulb, obviously.
  4. Those micro beads spilled everywhere.
  5. I quickly turned off the lightbulb and spent 3:00-5:00am sweeping/vacuuming
  6. My dog was so freaked out that he threw up on the carpet.
  7. Anyways if you find two lighters in one day, be forewarned, it could be foreshadowing for some freaky shit to happen to you later that night. Or at least in my case..