Embarrassing stuff happens to me frequently. Here is one for your viewing pleasure.
  1. Act I
    My dad is driving my friend and I downtown to my condo. In the car there is myself, my friend Rosie and a dog she is dog sitting for. Her name is Izzy. I should mention Izzy is a pug.
  2. Act II
    Rose and I emerge from the car, with Izzy the pug in tow. We decide to walk her to a dog park near by. There is a group of guys all standing outside of my condo. One of them says "pug life", to which i respond "pug life". Not an inventive retort, but I felt the need to respond for some reason. We walk on, with Izzy the pug.
  3. Act III
    My dad pulls up beside us, as we're walking (take in mind the these dudes are all of 3 feet behind us) and yells from out of his car window "Sweetheart, where are you guys going?" I replied like any adult would. "We're taking her to the dog park". " okay, great", and drives off.
  4. Takeaway
    It doesn't sound as embarrassing as it felt at the time. Do I really give a shit that a random group of guys, who'll I'll never see again, heard my dad call me "sweetheart", after I showed off my coolness factor of the "pug life" retort. No, but at the time it was cringe to me.