Characters that James Spader has played that I would 💯 % be DTF

Every girl at some point in her life has had it bad for a guy who is mean to her. It could be daddy issues. It could be that thing, when a little boy pushes a little girl on the playground, we're conditioned to believe it's b/c he secretly likes that girl. If I was writing a paper on feminism and the bully I would answer these questions.
  1. Intro part 2
    I'm not going to answer these questions though. Instead, I'm going to tell you the times I would most likely sleep with James Spader characters, since he's good at playing the asshole.
  2. Steff in Pretty in Pink
    I know Andrew McCarthy is the hero in this movie. I get it. I love him too. That being said, Steff is such a sleaze that you almost feel bad for him. He's obsessed with Andy too, he just shows it in a cruel way. At one point he says to her "what makes you so different from every girl in this school" "I have some taste", she replies. You don't really realize he loves her until the end of the movie, when McCarthy puts him in his place and says "you buy everything except her & that kills you".
  3. Rip from Less Than Zero
    There is no way I would sleep with Rip. He's too evil. I think I draw the line at this character . But it's an honourable mention cause I would maybe make out w/ him, if I was drunk at a party.
  4. Graham Dalton in Sex Lies and Videotape
    Graham's character is a bit more complex than the straight up jerk. He just has a weird fetish for filming ppl on his videotape. The word "videotape" itself is so vintage it almost makes me sad. I think Graham would find Paris Hilton's/Kim k's sex tape to be amateur in comparison to his own work. I would be dtf him, so long as he doesn't hit record.
  5. Max Barron from White Palace
    Max Barron isn't a jerk at all. He's a widower, who's in love with Susan Sarandon's character, who is older than him and plays a waitress at a diner called White Palace. Hence the movie's title. Everyone makes fun of him for falling for Nora, since she's considered white trash in comparison to him. But he's in love with her, and I'm sorry it's Susan Sarandon, wouldn't you be in love with her too? Anyways I love Max. He's not a jerk, but I would be dtf him. This is an honourable mention.
  6. James Ballard-Crash
    Not the other Crash that speaks about race relations in the U.S. By Paul Haggis(Canadian director shout out). This Crash is from David Cronenberg ( another Canadian director shout out) and is by far the sexiest movie I've ever seen. Basically it's about a bunch of ppl who get into a car accident and our now all turned by cars. James plays a character named James and has sex with a woman named Catherine, who is also turned on by cars. Is James a jerk? No. He's just kind of tortured and brooding.
  7. Mr.Grey -Secretary
    Mr. Grey is a lawyer who is turned on by Bdsm. Enter Maggie Gyllenhaal's character, Lee Holloway Who is a cutter and just gets released from a mental institution and is looking for a job. She gets a job as a secretary at his practise and a weird/bdsm relationship ensues. Mr. Grey is tortured and likes spanking Lee when she makes spelling errors. Lee is tortured, but is weirdly turned on by Mr. Grey's requests. Although their relationship is unusual, he is the only one that gets her.