Me In 3 Characters

  1. Frances Ha..she's a little flaky and all over the place and doesn't really have her shit together, but adores her best friend who does. But she's loveable and creative with her dance. I relate to her flakiness but also her optimism.
  2. Jessica Stein is an intellectual babe who is picky af, when it comes to her love life. She ends up in a relationship with a woman named Helen, because she answers a personal ad in the paper, because Helen quotes Rilke, which Jessica likes. I think I relate to her snobbiness about ppl. I only want to be with someone who stimulates me intellectually.
  3. Tracy from Mistress America. Another Greta Gerwig Noah Baumbach collab. I want to be Brooke b/c she's fearless and interesting and a go getter, but if I'm being real, I'm more of a Tracy. She's naive at first, but looks up to Brooke and is easily influenced by her. I find, I tend to look up to the older women in my life as examples for mentors.