If you're a lover of film like me and a lover of love, like me, then I bet you love a deep, romantic comedy. Here are some that I think are underrated, but 100% worth watching. A lot of these have to do with the relationship between the protagonist and her female best friend, which is monumental to any rom com. Nothing I hate more than a boring bf.
  1. Claudia Well's, 1978 "Girlfriends"
    This movie is such a fucking gem to me. It has all the elements of the perfect rom com, in my opinion. A) A good script b) takes place in NYC (obvi) c) a sexually liberated heroine. The movie is more about the relationship between two best friends than the main character's romantic relationship, which serves as a secondary plot. Girlfriends is about two besties living in NYC together, when one of them decides to move out and marry.
  2. Girlfriends Part 2
    Susan is then left to lick her wounds and fend for herself, both emotionally and financially. She is a struggling photographer, and is tired of doing weddings and bar mitzvahs's. Without giving too much away, Susan and her bff find a common ground in their relationship. I like Susan because she has the confidence that I aspire for. For example, she walks into a party by herself and rejects, but then picks up the hottest guy there (hint it's a young Chris Guest).
  3. Nicole Holofcener's, 1996 "Walking and Talking"
    Do you a) like Catherine Keener? B) Liev Schreiber? Together, they have an undeniable and easy chemistry, in this 90s flick. They play bffs that were once together, but are no longer. Basically a more realistic When Harry met Sally. The entire movie, they dance around their feelings, but are never really apart, because they are legit friends. Speaking of friendship, Catherine Keener's character is also besties with Anne Heche's character. Their partnership is as real as it gets. Highly recommend
  4. Daryl Wein & Zoe Lister-Jones's 2009, "Breaking Upwards"
    Daryl Wein and Zoe Lister-Jones made a movie about their real life relationship of planning their own break up. A couple that spends 4 years together is bound to hit a few road blocks and this one is no exception. Zoe is getting restless and bored and the idea is set in motion that the two should try an open relationship. What I like about this one is that it's definitely original.
  5. Nisha Ganatra's, 2005 "Cake"
    Not the one, where Jen Aniston was almost nominated for an oscar and then wasn't and the whole world went mad! Give Jen her oscar dam it! I digress. This movie Cake, takes place in Toronto and Niagara Falls..Sexy IKR? And as an IMDb user put it "was too lazy to turn off and was a piece of crap". But I beg to differ. You guys, I could watch this movie over and over again, it's so good. It stars the lovely Heather Graham as Pippa, the commitment-phobe travel writer.
  6. Cake part 2
    Pippa is asked by her father to be the editor of his wedding magazine, while he is off on sick leave. How does a commitment-phobe, travel writer take on a wedding magazine called "Wedding Belles"? Good question. That's Pippa's dilemma throughout. Pippa is not someone who gives in easily, especially when it comes to reporting to the prickly, yet undeniably, sexy, character of Ian, played by Gilmore Girls's own, David Sutcliffe. You know where this is going.
  7. Jennifer Westfeldt's and Heather Juergensen's, 2001, "Kissing Jessica Stein"
    You guys, I can't believe I almost forgot this one! It's one of my favourite movies of all time. It's about a Jewish girl (already relatable) living in NYC, as a 28 year old, copywriter, who's an intellectual babe. In the beginning she quotes Rilke and later on, her friend is reading the personal ads as a joke, only to read that exact same quote back to her. Jessica stunned, responds to the ad, only to realize she is meeting another girl.
  8. Kissing Jessica Stein Part 2
    As Jessica puts it to Helen (the girl in the ad) "lesbianism has always grossed her out", not in a homophobic way, it just wasn't personally for her. That all changes when Helen uses the word "marinate" in a non-food way. Jessica is smitten by Helen's wit and has met her intellectual match. During the course of the movie, the character of Josh becomes more frequent (Jessica's boss and old, college flame). His character is relevant, but you'll have to watch to find out why.