My Starbucks alter ego

Every time a Starbucks barista spells my name incorrectly or comes up w/ a different name altogether, I like to create a backstory to this parallel version of me. Just a Starbucks girl, living in a Starbucks world.
  1. Lindsey
    Lindsey lives in the Echo Park region of L.A. Her day job is an uber driver ( she has some stories), her passion is making homemade soap, that's eco friendly! She has an insta page for her brand & mixed feelings about Jessica Alba's, "The Honest Company".
  2. Lucy
    Lucy only knows about Sears b/c her Grandma's neighbour, Cheryl gets her photos done there, every year for Christmas. Lucy's not really into material things, but all about that surfing life. She splits her time between Malibu (where her mom lives) and Hawaii (where her dad lives). They split when Lucy was little and as a result, she is overly promiscuous. She's dtf, but more so, dts ( down to surf).
  3. Linsdey
    Linsdey is the child of hippie parents, who decided "Lindsey" w/ an "e", was just too generic. She resides in Portland, where she plays bass, in a band called "Title". They play rock. In her spare time, she hooks up with her on again off again bf, named Rick, who is also in the band (he plays drums). It's a nightmare for the rest of the band, but they're coping. Linsdey loves riding her bike and is very outspoken about her feminism. She secretly loves the attention about her deconstructed name.
  4. Shoshana
    It's my actual Hebrew name. I don't even know if I'm spelling it right. I think so tho? This was during the time, when ppl were mad over the Starbucks controversy, of not having Christmas decorations, on their cups for the holidays. I think it gives a chance to be creative, peeps? Like when you're bored at work and want to assert the fact that you like the attention of being the token Jew.
  5. Lynsay
    Lynsay peeked in high school, had a kid at 20, but is sorting her life out, one step at a time. Her baby daddy is not in the picture. Her and her daughter Darla are making it work in Vegas, where Lynsay works as a part time concierge at a Marriott hotel. Lynsay's mom Darlene ( who Darla is named after), babysits Darla after school, while Lyns's is working. While she doesn't get much spare time, when she does, Lynsey enjoys taking bubble baths and her fave authors are Joel Osteen/Danielle Steele.
  6. Summer Lindsey
    Summer Lindsey is a PR exec who runs on anxiety, adderall and caffeine. She only really eats on weekends, cause she's too busy running a company. She lives in a brownstone on the upper west side. She's divorced and has an Italian, greyhound named Bernard (after her late father) and an Italian fuck buddy, named Mario. She doesn't believe in having biological children b/c she thinks it's selfish (she secretly froze her eggs). Occasionally she does drugs w/ her friends, including Chelsea Handler.
  7. Lindsey is a school teacher in 1967. It's the summer of love and she is feeling it.
  8. Lynsty
    Lynsty is a trust fund baby, who lives on the upper east side with her Mom (she's a homemaker) & dad (he owns a hedge fund). But mostly she spends her time at her bf's, Chelsea loft. She's been offered modelling contracts, but wants to go to Wharton to get her Phd in economics, so she can take over her dad's hedge fund when he retires. She is an ardent Hilary supporter & gets into heated debates w/ her parents friends. She is slowly turning her republican parents more dem each day.
  9. Unemployed and broke. Lindsey's only motivation for a job is so she can once and for all stop taking the ttc and get her uber account back. She's solely living off her Starbucks app, which is the only thing her parents are paying for.