Jen's an Aquarius, I'm an Aquarius. That's really all we have in common in real life, but here are some fictional characters she has played in the past that I very much identify with.
  1. Rachel Green from Friends
    First and foremost you should know that everyone thinks I'm a Phoebe. Which is a compliment, because even though she is an air head, she is more selfless than any of them, a part from Joey, who is my favourite character. I think I definitely relate to Phoebe personality wise, but by circumstances alone, I get Rachel. Rachel comes from New Jersey , where her Jewish parents do everything for her, including support her financially.
  2. Rachel from Friends part 2
    There is an ep where she cuts up a credit card that her parents are paying for. It feels very monumental to me. She also goes into buying (I'm in buying). She also is a coffee server at Central Perk, where she sucks. I once did banquet serving, where I sucked too. There is another ep, where all the friends go out for dinner and there is a financial disparity between Ross, Chandler and Monica (they are successful) and Joey, Phoebe and Rachel (poor). Rachel is now poor, paying rent and serving.
  3. Nina Boworski in The Object of my Affection
    Basically the movie stars Jennifer Aniston, who falls for her Gay roommate, played by Paul Rudd. I would fall for Rudd too. In university I fell for someone that everyone kind of fell in love w/. Did I talk to him? Maybe like 3 times. Anyways he turned out to be gay. Idk if gay or just bi? But he's in a relationship with a guy now, which I feel like is typical for me. I love gay guys. I love attractive gay guys and I never know they're gay at the time and get confused and start to have feelings.