When I'm getting my period, I'm sups emotional, which I feel like I should be ashamed to say, but I'm not. Here's a list of things that make me ball, when I'm feeling emotional af and want to have a good cry.
  1. The car scene in "The Six Sense"
    In this scene, the son, played by Haley Joel Osment is talking to his mom, played by Toni Collette. they're taking about how his dead grandmother comes to visit him, since duh, he sees ghosts. At first, the Mom doesn't believe him. Then when he says the thing about how the grandma went to his Mom's ballet performance, when the Mom was a little girl, his Mom's head turns. He goes onto say "when grandma died, you went to her gravesite and asked her a question. She said the answer is everyday".
  2. Six sense car scene part 2
    When the kid asks his mom what the question was, She starts to cry and says "Do I make you proud?" The Mom and son have an emotional embrace and it always makes me cry
  3. Basically all of The movie Wild
    If you haven't figured it out already, relationships between moms and their kids always trigger me. In this movie,Reese Witherspoon plays Cheryl Strayed, based on the book, about a real life story, of how a woman trecks across the Pacific Crest Trail, after her Mom died, on a path to self discovery. The part that hits the hardest for me, is when Cheryl accidentally finds out her mom dies and rushes into her room, only to find her lying there dead, missing the chance to say goodbye.
  4. Wild part 2
    She's sobbing into her mom's arms and is heart broken, because as she put it, "she lost the love of her life".
  5. Katherine Heigl's Emmy win Speech
    I know, I know, we all hate her. But before she got arrogant and dismissed greys', she won an Emmy and I liked her speech. It was funny and off the cuff and in it, she thanked all the other nominees. Not only that, but she said "it's because of you, that I do what I do and love what I do, and Shondra, and Sandra these women are phenomenal". She then thanked her Mom saying, "this is because of you and I wouldn't want to be here w/o you". I balled as per usual.
  6. Sandra Bullock's Academy Award speech for winning best actress for The Blind Side
    She got a standing o for this one, and boy was it schmaltzy. She started off by thanking her fellow nominees, personally, which is always a good way to get the tears rolling. The parts that stood out to me, was when she said "thank you to everyone who showed me kindness, when it wasn't fashionable", And "thank you to the Moms who take care of the babies, no matter where they came from, b/c they never get thanked and I failed to thank one". At the last part, she thanked her Mom. Tears baby.
  7. The scene in the West Wing when Leo, played by the late, John Spencer, tells Josh (played by Bradley Whitford) the metaphorical story about a friend falling into a hole and another friend jumping in to the whole b/c they've been down that hole before and know the way out.
    It's very Sorkin and very metaphorical, but it will always make me weep.