I swiped right, but the date goes south. Here goes..I have 0 followers and have no qualms about posting this lol
  1. The conservative Jewish guy
    I can write about this cause I'm Jewish. Not that you can't, if you weren't. I'm just putting it out there in case someone stumbles on it and thinks I'm anti-Semitic. I'm not. I'm a Jew. Anyway, I always end up on dates with the guy that was raised in North York/York Mills/Thornhill, who now lives in Toronto and is investment banker/lawyer..blah blah blah. They always like Rob Ford (rip former Mayer/crack addict), always are driving, and have a bit of an edge to them. Not in a funny way though.
  2. That guy that read Into the Wild once and is no longer into material things
    I.e. A TV "b/c it's not conductive to my life". I don't have a TV either, but it's b/c I'm poor and I love the internet.
  3. I have enough self awareness to know that I'm probs a type too. Ie, the girl that majored in English lit and now has a job in Pr/fashion through a fam connection. Etc etc.
  4. Tbc