What May Looks Like In My Phone

  1. A pic I made my friend take of me, holding a book about Obama. Obvi cause I miss and love him.
  2. A snap I took of my friend drew in his new YSL jacket. How cool does he look?
  3. Cupcakes they were giving out today at Joe Fresh, just b/c.
  4. Resos for this fancy schmancy Italian place I am going to with my fringe next Tues at 6:30 (as you can see).
  5. My friend sent this to me because I was feeling really down yesterday.
  6. This music festival that know one wants to go to with me cause it's expensive af and now probably sold out anyways.
  7. This photo I used for insta as well, because I went to this coffee shop near where I live and b/c I was having such a horrible day, the sweet gentleman behind the counter gave me the croissant 🥐 on the house.
  8. Lolol how funny is this pic? Gonna tweet it soon.
  9. Lol @manrepeller article on weird things in the devil wears Prada
  10. Taken at the Ripleys Aquarium on Sunday when I had a date. The date was meh but the pic is cool!
  11. I was savage on twitter on Saturday and made fun of whoever put Larry David next to the headline "Kentucky Derby Fashion" as if he would be the face for that.
  12. Made fun of this one too...
  13. Aimee Man liked my tweet. Yay!
  14. This song I've been listening to on repeat. Especially with the Trump administration
  15. How cute is this pic of Miss Piggy? Current insta/twitter pic.
  16. A pic of this dog that my friend sent to me lol.
  17. A screenshot that perfectly describes trumps presidency
  18. Kermit the frog who?
  19. I feel prettyyyyy
  20. 😉
  21. New cover photo on twitter.
  22. Shake it up!
  23. Kind of excited for this place to open up in Toronto
  24. Love her so much
  25. A painting my friend did of Hershey ❤️
  26. New cover photo on twitter cause I'm feminist af ATM especially given the current state of affairs