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Given today, I feel I need to say something about a city I love so much. #IStandWithFrance #JeT'aimeParis
  1. The tea - Mariage Freres tea, particularly.
  2. Shakespeare and Co.
  3. The people - on the whole I have always found the people to be charming and very welcoming.
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Title seems fairly self explanatory. These are the animes that completely destroyed me when I watched them.
  1. Cowboy Bebop
    This is often credited as one of the all time greats and for good reason. The concept is good, the story is captivating, the animation is superb and Yoko Kanno's soundtrack is the heartbeat that brings it all together. The ending, though not all that surprising, had me curled up in a fetal position for days afterwards. I've yet to be able to watch it again. It isn't even what happened, it's the characters' approach to it that broke me.
  2. Your Lie in April
    This came out last year, so it's less well known. I stumbled across it on Crunchyroll one day. It has lots of things I like about it - beautiful animation, classical music, a sense of tragedy and a relatable main cast. As with Bebop the ending isn't a great surprise, but that makes it worse. You see it coming, it's going to hurt and you wait for it to smack into you.
  3. Sword Art Online
    This seems like a strange addition to this list if you've never seen it. There is, however, a surprising amount of pathos in this show, made all the more memorable by the balance of the game world vs 'reality'. There were several moments in this that made me cry, but the ending of Part II was the worst for all the right reasons.
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