aka, ten reasons i went into comedy. happy premiere!
  1. DON DRAPER takes a deep drag on his cigarette. while the train is pretty full, it's not quite rush hour yet. never too early for a lucky.
  2. SALVATORE: is jennifer glowing yet? HARRY: she is. and smoking like a chimney to keep her weight down.
  3. PAUL (re: ken doll): he looks just like you cosgrove. harry points to the doll's smooth bulge. HARRY: right down to it.
  4. ROGER: hungry? DON: something's gotta soak up lunch.
  5. FRANCINE: the tenth anniversary is traditionally tin. but i swear, if carlton shows up with a baking pan, it'll be our last.
  6. FRANCINE: i don't know why we need gas heat anyhow. i spend most of my time in the kitchen, the warmest room in the house.
  7. ANITA: just... don't spend too much time talking about work. peggy grimaces, skeptical. ANITA: i wouldn't want you to overwhelm him.
  8. DON: in the beginning, god created man. mattel created a woman first and a man to follow in her footsteps.
  9. DON: up until now, it seemed she had it all: a glamorous life complete with clothing, careers, clout. but there was one "c" barbie was lacking -- a companion. ken is the only accessory barbie lacks.
  10. the radio goes static as don reaches for a lucky from his inside jacket pocket. but when he shakes the pack, he discovers it's empty. FADE OUT