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  1. ben h
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    most likely to be the most boring bachelor. but also most cutest.
  2. ben z
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    biggest hands. not just on bachelor, just the biggest hands.
  3. brady
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    most likely to get dumped by britt when the cameras stop following them.
  4. chris "cupcake"
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    best smile. worst nickname.
  5. clint
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    most likely there for the wrongest reasons.
  6. ian
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    most likely to have given alcohol poisoning to fans who drank every time he said "princeton."
  7. jared
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    patchiest facial hair.
  8. jj
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    most likely to track down clint and make a suit of his skin.
  9. joe
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    most famous thing to come out of kentucky since colonel sanders' original recipe.
  10. joshua
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    most likely still has that uneven hair he let kaitlin cut.
  11. justin
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    most likely to have been the ghost of a confederate soldier all along.
  12. kupah
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    most likely to have tweeted at laila ali in the limo on his way outta there.
  13. nick
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    most bracelets.
  14. ryan m
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    most likely to be raping you right now.
  15. shawn b
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    most likely to be arrested for manslaughter while protecting his girl, which is also the first act of "con air."
  16. tanner
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    most forgettable.
  17. tony
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    most aggressive pacifist.