helena is a hilarious, child-like sociopath. she's also really, really hungry.
  1. season 1, episode 3
    helena is chased down by sarah and art after killing katja, but she still finds time for a snack.
  2. season 1, episode 4
    helena sneaks into the police station looking for intel on beth's desk, but what she finds is a muffin.
  3. season 1, episode 7
    helena has lunch with sarah at a diner. helena: "this is a nice restaurant isn't it?" sarah: "yeah, five stars."
  4. season 1, episode 9
    tomas locks helena in a cage. even in these dire conditions helena finds something to eat: a ketchup packet.
  5. season 2, episode 5
    art presses helena for info on the proletheans. helena: "i want to tell you something." art (desperate): "yeah?" helena (pointing to a box of donuts): "these i like."
  6. season 2, episode 6
    helena eats a can of beans while on a stakeout with sarah: "you've got to eat."
  7. season 2, episode 6
    helena sneaks into a bar for an assortment of drinks, pork rinds and a drunken make-out with jesse towing.
  8. season 2, episode 9
    back in the care of the proletheans, helena tries to get gracie to eat: "you are sad to be pregnant? might as well eat. you will be be fat soon anyway."
  9. season 3, episode 2
    imprisoned by dr. coady and the caster boys, helena puts her hunger to use and gnaws a chicken bone into a key in an attempted escape.
  10. season 3, episode 7
    when sarah and helena escape the caster compound, they wander tired and hungry through the mexican desert. helena resorts to eating her scorpion spirit animal pupok.
  11. season 3, episode 7
    mrs. s arrives in mexico to find helena, furious at s for selling her out. helena: "first i eat, then we fight."
  12. season 3, episode 10
    they couldn't end the season without giving helena one last meal to chomp through as her seestras toast alison's win for school board trustee.