they say, "don't shit where you eat" but you've gotta pee where you write.
  1. dinosaur coffee
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    single/unisex. spacious, high ceilings, somehow always manages to smell lovely, despite presence of never-flushed urinal. (list request: what up with urinals). bonus points for playful light fixture and on-brand door mural.
  2. caffe vita
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    separate boys/girls singles. persian carpets line the way to these clean, spacious, mint subway-tiled bathrooms that, like the rest of caffe vita, are dimly lit. fine for peeing, terrible for reapplying eyeliner.
  3. h coffee house
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    separate boys/girls, as designated by this snazzy signage. two stalls, but the door to the bathroom rarely closes so those working nearest to the bathroom are probs listening to you pee.
  4. paper or plastik
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    single/unisex, with a handy vacant/occupied toggle. they've replaced the door handle that fell off in my hand last time, but there's a speaker in there so if you don't like the music they're playing, it'll be ten times louder in the bathroom.
  5. alfred coffee
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    single/unisex. warm lighting, charming wallpaper and the only visible graffiti reads: "not my circus, not my animals." would've been higher on the list but it's "under construction" 40% of the time, which is rough for a place that serves diuretics.
  6. intelligentsia silver lake
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    unisex/single. maybe it's the foot traffic from all the tourists, but this bathroom has seen some shit.
  7. starbucks (all locations)
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    homeless bathhouses.