a sampling
  1. alanis morissette
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    greek theatre, 1995. my dad took me to my first concert the summer between 7th/8th grades. on father's day. it set the bar high for many concerts to come.
  2. neko case
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    mccarren pool, 2006. before they reopened it as a pool, mccarren pool hosted a few summer's worth of concerts. i'm not religious, but neko case's harmonies make me believe in angels.
  3. arcade fire
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    united palace theatre, 2007. the first and most memorable time i've seen arcade fire. they played in an ornate church in washington heights, the national opened for them, and my crush-at-the-time finally kissed me. A+ night.
  4. joanna newsom
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    BAM, 2008. the brooklyn symphony accompanied this wood nymph on new year's eve. with a voice like a folksy bjork and the harp skills of -- well, i don't know any harpists -- joanna newsom makes me feel like i've stepped behind a velvet curtain and into a psychedelic faerie tale.
  5. swell season
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    hollywood bowl, 2010. glen hansard consistently turns it up to 11. he gives it 110%. he plays so hard he's worn a hole in his guitar and he sings till his voice gives out. hard not to be in the presence of that much passion and not fall just a wee bit in love with him.
  6. st. vincent
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    prospect park bandshell, 2014. maybe it was the pot or the beer or the pot, but @Jack and i agreed that st. vincent, bowie and tilda were sent here to teach us something. ok, maybe it was pot.
  7. fka twigs
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    belasco theatre, last night. her music makes me wanna fuuuuuuck. i've never heard anyone like her.