everyone knows him as the flannel-clad prom king of grunge, but kurt cobain is proving himself the ultimate hair inspo for a generation of millennials.
  1. the beachy waves
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    long before kate hudson and giselle.
  2. the babylights
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    long before blake lively and jessica alba.
  3. the ombre
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    long before kourtney kardashian and LC.
  4. the lob
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    long before taylor swift and emma stone.
  5. the pastel
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    long before nicole richie and ke$ha.
  6. the slime
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    long before katy perry and lena dunham.
  7. the undercut
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    long before rihanna and miley cyrus.
  8. the blonde bob
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    long before margot robbie and julianne hough.