my mom is a french teacher at my high school. so obviously i took spanish.
  1. ouvrir la bouche
    my mom (madame gelfand to her students) introduced me to the french phrase for "open your mouth" at a very young age when she tried to get me to eat food other than mcdonald's chicken mcnuggets.
  2. bonjour
    the 1991 disney classic "beauty and the beast" introduced me to the french word for hello as a bookish belle walked through that little town (it's a quiet village). fun fact: "beauty and the beast" was the first full-length animated feature to be nominated for the academy award for best picture.
  3. la table
    nick at nite reruns of "i love lucy" introduced me to the french word for table (pronounced la tah-blughh by the genius lucille ball). in the episode, lucy takes french lessons and then, you guessed it, does everything she can to get into ricky's new french-themed show.
  4. s'il vous plaît
    i learned the french phrase for please when i asked madame what RSVP stood for on all those bar mitzvah invitations. répondez s'il vous plaî translates to "respond if you please" and while we still use it, the french consider the acronym very formal and old-fashioned.
  5. voulez-vous coucher avec moi?
    the origin of the french phrase for "do you want to go to bed with me tonight" can be traced back to literature of the early 20th century. but i became most familiar with it when christina aguilera, lil' kim, mya and pink remade labelle's 1974 song "lady marmalade" for the moulin rouge! soundtrack in 2001.
  6. en soi
    the french phrase for "being in itself" is not only madame gelfand's personalized license plate but an early 20th century term used by the french existentialists, namely heidegger, sartre and mom's favorite, simone de beauvoir. it refers to the self-contained and fully realized being of objects. get it? cause her car is a being unto itself.
  7. trois
    because ménage à trois.