open list! add which 90s child actor your school thought marilyn manson was!
  1. marilyn manson was actually the kid from mr. belvedere.
  2. jamie lee curtis was born a hermaphrodite.
  3. marisa tomei's oscar win for "my cousin vinny" was a mistake.
  4. angelina jolie and her brother had an incestuous relationship.
  5. richard gere got a gerbil stuck up his butt.
  6. marilyn manson was actually paul from "the wonder years"
  7. mayim "blossom" bialik died from alcohol poisoning while attending ucla.
  8. combining pop rocks and soda will make your stomach explode.
  9. j lo insured her ass for a billion dollars.
  10. mark-paul gosselaar and mario lopez were killed in a car accident.