the more pc title: ten clues you're on a date with a free-spirited bohemian wanderer.
  1. he's wearing more jewelry than you.
  2. while counting his rings, you discover he's also wearing more nail polish than you.
  3. he refers to the "two of cups" as if everyone is familiar with the tarot deck.
    that card represents the power created when two come together (often romantic/sexual).
  4. all the tattoos on the right side of his body represent the feminine and all the tattoos on the left side of his body represent the masculine.
    he's a self-professed "pusher of women's rights." which explains the profile pic(s) of him wearing a dress(s).
  5. he convinces you to slow dance to distant music on a busy street corner.
    and somehow manages to pull this move off as earnest. or as an earnest excuse to smush your bodies together.
  6. he refers to himself as a young mage.
    māj/ noun: a magician or learned person.
  7. at the end of the date you walk him to his bike.
    also he doesn't have a car.
  8. you leave the date unsure if he even knows what you do for a living.
    since you spent more time talking about acro-yoga and sunrise hikes than work.
  9. when he gets home he texts you a simple: "such a babe"
    to which you respond: "i know you are, but what am i"
  10. he asks you out again.
    for noodles in thai town or rock climbing in joshua tree. and even tho he's an aimless bartender who met his last girlfriend in a threesome, you say yes. obviously he cast a love spell on you.