1. not because he was shorter than me.
    even tho i'm not that tall.
  2. not because he wore a fititbit.
    do people ever take them off? how many calories did he burn drinking all that wine?
  3. not because he owns five copies of the movie "rocky"
    or even because "titanic" is in his top 3.
  4. not because he used the line: "are you sure you're not 25?"
    i'm 33.
  5. not because he described himself as "a former club kid"
    recounting the time he got so drunk he fell from the top bunk onto a glass table and into a COMA for two hours. on a family cruise!
  6. not because when i told him i'd just finished a pilot he didn't ask a single follow up like, "what's it about?"
    but showed me a handful of his paintings that he's given to friends cause he's "just generous like that"
  7. not because i arrived home to this text: "the rain, the fog... the wine. maybe it was the wine, but i had a great time."
    or maybe you had a great time cause you talked about yourself for two hours.
  8. not because when he suggested we go out again he said, "i may even pick a place closer to you, lol"
    because, as it turns out, we had drinks a few blocks from HIS place. helps explain the fitbit.
  9. because 1-8.
    not for any one of these reasons, but because of all of them all together.