1. Anna
    When we got in the car she was playing Spanish music super loud. A few minutes in she switched to Shania Twain and we were all jamming together. I wanted to invite her to come with us. She also had dominos in the front seat and apologized for not putting them in the trunk.
  2. Richard
    He talked about jazz and told us not to die as we got out of the car.
  3. Jeanette & friend
    They've been uber driving for a week and so far have experienced driving a hitchhiker to Philly and some couple making out the whole time. The friend works at SalVal and had work at 8am this morning so we were their last ride.
  4. Moussa
    He asked me a lot of personal questions and tried to make me direct him where to go when I was in an unfamiliar city. He was my first uber ride so I'll always have a special place in my heart for Moussa.
  5. Jacob
    Quick ride with Jake while bar hopping but he was pleasant and friendly.