1. Nancy Drew
    Sure her rich lawyer dad gave her that red convertible, but this titian-haired smartie finds old clocks all by herself.
  2. The Bobbsey Twins
    Two sets of cute lil twins in one family. They solve mysteries. What more do you want.
  3. Encyclopedia Brown
    I don't know what kind of first name is Encyclopedia, but this kid lived up to it.
  4. Dr. Watson
    I like it when Dr. Watson tries to do a little dumb sleuthing around on the side, then inevitably gets himself into trouble, and Sherlock Holmes has to pull a pro move to save his life.
  5. Veronica Mars
    I mean, this one goes without saying. The only argument here is whether she's truly amateur, since she kind of worked for her dad.
  6. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    Maybe she's more of an amateur monster-killer or an amateur Christ Figure than amateur sleuth, but I think she solved enough mysteries (amateurly) to qualify.
  7. The Hardy Boys
    Look, they didn't have nothin' on Nancy Drew, but man did I love those Nancy Drew / Hardy Boys crossover books (mostly for the overwhelming sexual tension) so I've got to give them credit.
  8. The Babysitters Clubbers
    Remember how there was a spinoff mystery-solving series? I only barely remember, but I'm gonna give them honorary credit for probably solving mysteries in a decent, friendship-affirming, and entrepreneurial fashion, as those babysitters are wont to do.
  9. Harriet the Spy
    Amateur spies are basically amateur sleuths, so I say it counts. Aside: remember how Rosie O'Donnell was in that movie?
  10. Miss Marple
    Saved the best for last! There's nothing more satisfying than a horrific bloody crime solved by a super old woman, and I think it gives us all something to look forward to post-retirement.