1. Food allergies: EpiPen (sold with the Allergy-Free lunch set, $28).
  2. Infection from ear piercing (done at mall or at home).
  3. Reattachment of limbs.
  4. Orthodontics: retainer fitting and headgear readjustment (for use with the "Healthy Smiles" set, $14).
  5. Astigmatism: remedied with eyeglasses (available in a variety of colors, including turquoise, chocolate (backordered) and tortoise shell, $10/pair).
  6. Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy: frequently presents as child asking for doll crutches and wheelchair (sold separately) and accompanying "Feel Better" Kit (with cast and walking boot, $30) as birthday or holiday gift.
  7. Vaccinations including HPV (for when she's getting a little "too chummy" with G.I. Joe), flu shot, and measles vaccine (optional).
  8. Replacement of hearing aid batteries.
  9. Alopecia Areata: diagnosed through blood tests.
  10. Full body replacement: recommended when arm jiggle, muffin top, and turkey neck impact quality of life.