As many of you all know, Google debuted its newest update: Gboard
  1. 5
    The super easy text recommendations makes sending 20 messages in a row to your friends that much easier.
  2. 4
    The fact that you can enable (more like disable) the foul language suggestions. So now I'm getting offered words like shit fuck you and damnnnnnn
  3. 3
    Who could ignore the fact that there are GIFS embedded right there in your keyboard
  4. 2
    Not only can you search for GIFS that spice up your conversations, but you can literally search the internet without having to close out of your texting. Ultimately this makes me look a lot better at trivia
  5. 1
    IT HAS SWIPE FUNCTION YAAAAAS. As a previous droid owner, I'm now fully satisfied with my ability to swipe text again. There is no reason to ditch the iPhone now!